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Meet MaRe Cabo

Discover Aibishter in everything you do

(talking to myself here...)


Hola, my name is Sonia.


Together with the insanely amazing Rabbi Benny and our 6 children, I have the honor to be on Shlichus in beautiful Cabo, Mexico.

Welcome to our family and this end of the earth.

First of all, if you just registered, turn around and give a big HUG to your parents that are even considering spending so much money to send you to a foreign country! (even if it violates the teenager moral code to not show any emotional positive expression Chas Vesholom :-))

MaRe Cabo was born by a seeming accident, little did we know that Hashem had arranged it all (being sent on Shlichus to a paradise) so Lubavitch girls like you, can experience world class fun while diving into extreme Shlichus life: an epic combination.

Here is a little bit about Jewish life in Cabo. We are a very small community with lots of tourists passing through from all different backgrounds.

Since the local Yidden live among non Jews, we try to be careful to create a space for them that is exploding with truth,  joy, holiness and love.

Who knew that space would attract frum yidden as well? We assumed they were only interested in herring and snoods (JK)

It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to that space. We hope that with mutual trust and respect, we can achieve a summer of growth and of pushing ours, as well as your boundaries, to explore unchartered territory, within and without.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to this country of Mexico - with its colors, aromas, delicious fruits, musical flare and ocassional iguanas - to inhale every breath of ocean breeze and feel grateful to the Creator that not only are we alive, but we are oh-so-close to discovering the truest form of living: experiencing Moshiach with all its wonderful implications.


Are you ready? 

You seem ready.


All my love,

Sonia Hershcovich



Thank you for registering your daughter in our program.

We are honored, humbled and terrified of you entrusting us to care for your precious ones. 


We bli neder, give our word to give our everything towards making your daughter have the most amazing, meaningful summer and with Hashem's help, she will return home safe, inspired and with unforgettable memories.

As soon as the girls are confirmed, a WhatsApp group will be formed to keep you updated, answer any questions you may have and bli neder send daily pictures.


Rabbi Benny and Sonia Hershcovich

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