Meet MaRe Cabo

Experience the Difference


Hola m'lady,

My name is Sonia. I have the honor to be a Shlucha in Cabo, Mexico.

If you are a new applicant or are coming back for more, we are very excited to meet you.

When you arrive, know that you will become part of our family and our Shlichus.

Yep. G-d is alive and well at the edge of the earth and YOU matter... Especially here in a seemingly spiritual desert.

When you land in Cabo, you will represent something and we will trust you to lead. That's how crazy we are. Are you ready to step up to the challenge? 

Good. We are too.

Welcome to MaRe Cabo 5781.

Because a good leader needs to be thoroughly trained, in our camp, expect to get the absolute awesome truth without any fluff. You deserve it.

To reward your intense intellectual exertion, you can look forward to insane trips almost every single day!


Mexico is full of surprises, colors, aromas and musical fiestas that will open your mind and heart to take on Hashem's mission for all of us, to make Him super comfortable in this world He wishes to call home.

We are busy preparing for you the most comfortable accommodations possible.


Our kitchen will iy"h be stocked with fresh mangos and exotic fruits to enjoy when you have a spare hungry moment.

I hope your year is going great and will only get better until the summer.

May we move MaRe Cabo to Yerushalaim this year!

All my Love,

Sonia Hershcovich



Thank you for registering your daughter in our program.

We are honored, humbled and terrified of you entrusting us to care for your precious ones. 


We promise to give our everything towards making your daughter have the most amazing, meaningful summer and with Hashem's help, she will return home safe, inspired and with unforgettable memories.

As soon as the girls are confirmed, a WhatsApp group will be formed to keep you updated, answer any questions you may have and bli neder send daily pictures.


Rabbi Benny and Sonia Hershcovich